The creation

A unique know-how that combines creativity and elegance. In our Parisian office, you can choose the materials, patterns and colours. Twice a year, the collections are renewed and they are imbued with the motifs seen on the podiums and the colours of the season. The spirit of Bleuforêt is always there, season after season, with perfect finishes, a touch of originality, beautiful materials and colours that make you want to. Lamé effects, sequins, transparencies, sequins, fluorescent colours or discreet texture effects, Bleuforêt socks and tights have these details that change everything.

Our collections

Bleuforêt's sock collections feature French-style elegance, beautiful materials, colours and patterns that make the difference. Twice a year, more than 60% of our collections are renewed to offer you ever more surprising collections.

Our inspirations

Our stylist draws his inspiration from the trend books of the major Parisian style offices. A marine motif, a tropical atmosphere, animal skin effects... so many trends that we then find in our collections.

Behind the scenes

Each model is designed by our stylist, then transcribed into a mesh software by our research and development department. All models are then knitted to be validated in real conditions. Then, we carry out wear tests with a database of testers to check the comfort, strength and durability of the product. Once validated, the product is put on sale.