The history of Bleuforêt

The history of Bleuforêt is above all a history of transmission. The transmission of a unique know-how around the knitting of textile fibre, but also the transmission between a father and his son. Since 1994, Bleuforêt has been passionately manufacturing socks and tights in the heart of the Vosges mountains. Tricotage des Vosges is a family business whose capital is held exclusively by the Marie family.

Key dates in Bleuforêt's history

Since 1994, at every step of the way, the Bleuforêt brand has been built to become one of the leaders in the production of Made in France socks.

Business creation

The Vagney production site was destined for closure. Jacques Marie then bought it and created the company Tricotage des Vosges. It is dedicated to the manufacture of quality socks made of natural fibres (Merino wool, Scottish yarn, cashmere...)

Brand building

From this acquisition, the Bleuforêt brand was born, whose name evokes the blue peak of the Vosges mountains. The brand is first distributed in the Printemps, Galeries Lafayette, BHV, Samaritaine and Bon Marché department stores.

Start of export

Since 2000, Bleuforêt has been attracting international attention. The socks were then exported to department stores in 7 countries, from Canada to Sweden and Italy. Today, our socks are also found in Mexico, Japan and China.

Internet sales

Bleuforêt socks are sold on the Internet thanks to its first e-commerce site

Fiber tights

Bleuforêt expands its offer and offers a new generation of velvety fine cotton tights, both soft and warm to wear.

Distribution in hypermarkets

The Bleuforêt brand is taking its first steps in the mass retail sector. Collections of socks different from those dedicated to selective sales are developed to meet the requirements of this new market.

Resumption of Olympia company

Olympia is in receivership at the time of the acquisition. About sixty jobs will be saved thanks to this recovery. Tricotage des Vosges decides to relocate half of Olympia's production to the Vosges.

Skin Flower Launch

These hypoallergenic cotton socks, very thin and soft, give a second skin effect. Since their launch, Fleur de Peau products have been among the brand's key products.

Opening of the 1st Bleuforêt boutiques

At the end of 2016, Bleuforêt opened two boutiques in the brand's colours in Paris (rue de Rennes) and Lyon (rue Victor Hugo). Consumers have access to the full range of men's, women's and pantyhose socks.

Launch of a range of fine tights

In 2017, BLEUFORÊT starts manufacturing a collection of 6 top-of-the-range tights made of synthetic yarns. From ultra-transparent (18 denier) to opaque (80 denier), they offer a smooth mesh that enhances the beauty of the legs.

Opening of a shop in Lille

Bleuforêt continues to develop its network of boutiques with the opening of a new store in Lille in the historic district of rue de la Monnaie.