Our natural materials

Bleuforêt has chosen natural materials with countless virtues to knit socks and tights with impeccable finishes. We have developed a unique know-how that combines creativity and elegance. The diversity of the materials chosen provides you with a wide range of products that are as pleasant to wear in summer as in winter. Silk, Merino wool and cashmere are all noble materials with many advantages that will provide you with unparalleled comfort on a daily basis. Discover the natural materials we have chosen for you!


A noble and remarkable material, silk has thermoregulatory properties: it keeps warm in winter and lets your feet breathe in summer.

Our silk socks

Mercerised Cotton

A noble material par excellence, Scottish yarn or mercerized cotton ensures a beautiful shine and excellent colour rendering to our socks.

Our mercerised cotton socks

Combed cotton

Cotton, a fibre of vegetable origin, combines softness and resistance. Bleuforêt has chosen for you long fibre combed cotton for even more comfort

Our cotton socks

Merino wool

Blue Forest has chosen Merino wool because it provides warmth, softness and finesse. Thanks to their cotton interior, our wool socks and tights do not scratch !

Our wool socks

Egyptian cotton

Egyptian cotton is a long fibre cotton of high quality, which guarantees strength and softness. A very high quality product for an incredibly soft and silky touch.

Our Egyptian cotton socks


Cashmere is a high-end noble material with multiple benefits. With a refined and light texture, cashmere combines softness and exceptional isothermal quality. For the same thickness, cashmere fibre is much warmer than wool. It is ideal for winter.

Our cashmere socks