Scottish socks, we tell you all about these high quality socks

Contrary to popular belief, Bleuforêt's Scottish yarn socks are not of Scottish origin. At Bleuforêt, in addition to French manufacturing, we knit the finest materials to offer you socks for men and women that will delight you every day.

What is Scottish yarn and where does it come from?

As well as indicating an origin, the designation "Scottish yarn" designates a high quality cotton whose conception undergoes an additional and chemical stage. Harvested and ginned, the cotton fibres are separated and then aerated before being woven into a yarn. The step that makes all the difference is called mercerisation. This chemical treatment, devised by John Mercer in 1844, consists of soaking the cotton yarn in a soda bath. Mercerised cotton is now known throughout the world for its fineness, strength and elegance. Thanks to its unique know-how, Bleuforêt offers this precious material in a range of high quality socks with a refined style.

The advantages of Scottish socks

A must-have product in Bleuforêt's top-of-the-range cotton range, non-compressing Scottish thread socks promise many advantages such as

  • Softness
  • Fineness
  • Elegance
  • French quality

With their majority composition in Scottish yarn, put on your shoes with softness thanks to the use of a lycra yarn surrounded by cotton called corepsun and enjoy an alliance and unparalleled comfort with the use and fineness of a prestigious cotton.

Quality: luxury cotton socks

What makes Bleuforêt famous is above all the French manufacture of our products which allows us to offer you luxury socks of high quality to enhance your daily outfits. Known for being a superior quality yarn, bring a touch of luxury to your feet with our Scottish yarn socks, symbols of elegance and refinement. Put on your shoes for long periods of time with the durability of our products linked to a traditional knitting and a reinforcement of our socks at the heels and toes for a tenfold resistance.

Sweat : anti-sweat tartan sock

Walk as much as you want, you won't risk anything! With our Bleuforêt Scottish thread socks, walk briskly in your city shoes and keep your feet dry and ventilated. During the summer months, don't miss out on any walks thanks to the lightness, fineness and freshness of our anti-perspirant socks made from natural cotton fibre. Whether high or low, our Scottish yarn products guarantee good thermal regulation of your feet on a daily basis.

The style: thin and elegant socks

Do you know what you need to add the finishing touch to your style? Our Scottish yarn socks are the perfect product to add to your drawer. This high quality material is known for its elegance and excellence among connoisseurs. Join this community of the elegant in all circumstances and take your style to the next level with the finesse and French quality of these very elegant Scottish yarn socks.

Comfort: comfortable socks

Don't choose between comfort and style! Get your feet used to daily comfort with Bleuforêt men's socks and women's socks. Don't miss out on any style and walk peacefully with our comfortable socks made from Scottish yarn, designed to keep your feet comfortable and airy. Our traditionally knitted socks are reinforced at the heels and toes for extra strength and to give you a better walking experience.

Does Scottish yarn keep warm?

No, Scottish yarn socks are not warm. On the contrary, they are ideal for the warmer seasons, and Bleuforêt's Scottish yarn socks are particularly appreciated for their freshness and anti-perspirant properties. Finely knitted in a noble material such as Scottish thread, our socks will allow the proper thermal regulation of your skin thanks to their softness and lightness.

Socks in Scottish yarn for summer and winter

In summer, walk like you're on clouds with our Scottish yarn socks.Made from a natural fibre that brings freshness to your feet, make your socks your best ally in the summer. Bring your casual outfit to life or enhance your dress shoes with the softness, lightness and finesse of our anti-sweat socks. In winter, it's time to slip on our cashmere and merino wool socks to protect your feet from the cold. Thin, resistant and thermoregulating, you will never appreciate the arrival of the cold.

Scottish yarn socks for men and women

With our tartan socks for men and our socks for women, be at the cutting edge of elegance. Often associated with the male wardrobe, our Scottish yarn socks are available in very feminine materials. Thanks to the fineness and natural shine of these socks made from a noble material, you can enhance your everyday outfits as well as your most formal ones. The elegance of this material is also available in fancy or plain socks in classic or flashy colours.

Men's Scottish thread socks: our advice for wearing them

With men's socks made of Scottish thread, vary your styles to bring a touch of originality to your outfits without losing an ounce of elegance. These excellent suit socks are thin and subtly shiny for an ideal wear with your city shoes. Succumb to the prestige of these high quality socks thanks to the many Bleuforêt variations: high socks, invisible socks, half-socks or even socks. Bring out who you are with our socks in fancy or plain versions, from the most classic to the most sparkling colours.

How to wash socks made of Scottish yarn?

Made from natural fibres, our socks in Scottish thread or Bleuforêt cotton are delicate. To care for your socks, here are our recommendations: Hand wash recommendedMachine wash at 40 degrees maximumWash on the reverse sideDo not tumble dry
In order to preserve the high quality of your socks, we suggest that you exclude the tumble dryer in your cleaning process because of the production of hot air over a long period of time, which has the effect of shrinking the stitches of your socks.

Our tip: We recommend washing your socks inside out to avoid damaging them, and we recommend hanging them together with a sock clip to make them easier to put together after washing.