Non-binding sports socks

Composition :

22% Polyamide, 78% Cotton








Non-binding sports socks that will let your feet breathe!

With their breathable fabric, these cotton sports socks will give you all the comfort you need to exercise.

The quality of the product comes from long-staple combed cotton, which is bound to make these socks your best partner in sport!

To keep you comfortable and absorb shocks when you are playing your favourite sport, the sole has been knit in loop pile to protect the arches of your feet. Finally, the ribbed edge is non-binding to promote blood circulation.


These socks are sold in sets of two pairs and are available in white or black.


If you like variety in your socks, these sports socks are also available in a low cut version.

Ideal for running, tennis and other kinds of athletic shoes, these sports socks can also be worn without shoes when you are working on a mat. If you appreciate the comfort of quality, long-staple cotton, you can also wear these cotton socks around the house. However, you are strictly prohibited from wearing them with dress shoes because that would be a fashion disaster!

Our socks are made of natural fibres, which means they are delicate. To clean them, a machine cycle at 40 degrees will suffice. Wash your socks inside out to prevent damaging them and attach them with a sock clip to make it easier to match them up after washing. Lastly, the dryer should be avoided because it produces hot air over an extended period, which causes the stitches in your socks to shrink.