Wool over-the-calf socks with cotton inside

Wool over-the-calf socks with cotton inside

Composition : 1% Lycra, 17% Cotton, 82% Wool

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These high socks will wrap your calves in a layer of warmth for a soft, cosy winter!

These wool over-the-calf socks with cotton inside are chic and warm so you can wear them every day as soon as the first chills of winter arrive!

They are made of Merino wool which is softer and finer than traditional wool. These over-the-calf socks feel soft on the skin because they incorporate Corespun, a Lycra thread surrounded by cotton. The heels and toes are reinforced for added sturdiness.

These high-quality fine socks are offered in 4 colours that are decidedly understated and autumnal.

These wool over-the-calf socks with cotton inside are quintessential winter classics! They will quickly make their home in your sock drawer or armoire alongside your essentials. They are offered in four colours to ensure they pair perfectly with all your winter shoes. If you are more traditional, opt for the black or anthracite hues which will coordinate with all your shoes. 

If you think that buying these wool socks means making a long-term commitment to your washing machine's wool programme, we have good news for you: Bleuforêt wool socks feature a superwash treatment. This guarantees the wool will hold up during washing – even with a standard programme at 30°! But there are no miracles, so your wool socks should not under any circumstances go through the dryer: wool is still wool after all!