Cashmere and silk socks

Cashmere and silk socks

Composition :

21% Polyamide, 23% Silk, 56% Cashmere








Plain ribbed socks in cashmere and silk.

Cashmere and silk in a single product? It is the height of luxury! Indeed, how could you not give in to the temptation of a blend that is both fine, silky and incomparably soft? So why resist? Give these cashmere and silk socks a try! Their ribbed construction gives them the perfect hold and look, making them perfectly suited to a classic, elegant style. The heels and toes are reinforced for added sturdiness.

These cashmere and silk socks are available in four colours. They are all understated and easy to coordinate, so regardless of your choice, it is impossible to commit a fashion faux pas!

As you can tell, these cashmere and silk socks are clearly one of the luxury products offered by Bleuforêt. They are insanely classy and we strongly encourage you to make them a key part of your wardrobe to complement all your most elegant outfits! But classy does not necessarily mean conventional! Therefore, although it is distinctly inadvisable to wear our cashmere and silk socks with ultra-trendy selections such as chunky shoes or coated twill trousers, we wholeheartedly endorse pairing them with slim or cigarette-style trousers and fine shoes with a bit of flair – with pointy toes or in a specially treated leather like suede or patent.

To preserve all their virtues for as long as possible, these cashmere and silk socks need some special care and attention. But rest assured that it is nothing too complicated: a special wool or delicate programme will do the trick. In addition to the temperature which should be reasonable (30° maximum), the spin cycle plays a key role: by limiting it to 800 revolutions per minute or less, you will maintain the quality of your silk and cotton socks. The final secret is to wash them inside out. And now you have achieved perfection!