Roll top wool socks

Roll top wool socks

Composition :

3% Lycra, 31% Cotton, 66% Wool


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Finally some wool socks that don't itch!

Our roll-top wool socks are knitted using Merino wool which is much finer and softer than traditional wool. Bleuforêt has found the solution to itchy wool socks. It is also an excellent barrier against the winter cold!

Comfort and elegance come together with our wool socks! Finally, the roll-top of these socks does not constrict the calves and leave unsightly marks on your legs.


Bleuforêt offers a range of archetypal winter colours: classic black, navy and anthracite as well as versions in marmot brown, beige and burgundy that will go perfectly with your winter wardrobe!


For women who enjoy experimenting with heights, these roll-top wool socks are also available in a knee-length version.

Bleuforêt has the proof that we can proudly wear wool socks without looking like we've just come off the ski slopes! Merino wool is so fine that your wool socks will slide into any pair of shoes. These socks will become a winter essential!

Our socks are made of natural fibres and are therefore fragile. To clean them, choose a programme in your washing machine with a gentle spin (600 rpm) and a low temperature (30 degrees maximum). For cashmere and alpaca wool, use a cold programme without spinning or wash by hand. Wash your socks inside out to avoid damaging them and hang them together with a sock clip to reassemble them more easily after washing. Finally, don't tumble dry because it produces hot air over a long period of time, which causes the stitches in your socks to shrink.
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