Roll-top pure cotton ankle socks

Composition :

3% Lycra, 97% Cotton

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These roll-top pure cotton ankle socks shower you with all the softness and fineness of cotton combined with trendy, comfortable roll tops.

Velvet ankle socks have quickly become a customer favourite.

These ankle socks feel like 100% cotton softness against your skin thanks to their 97% cotton content and the use of Corespun, a Lycra thread surrounded by cotton. The roll tops make these pure cotton ankle socks as trendy as they are comfortable because they are non-binding. Discover our seasonal colours for these roll-top pure cotton socks: black, navy, Sahara and white. If you prefer socks, you will flip for our Velvet socks and their trendy colours.

These roll-top pure cotton socks in classic colours will slip easily into all your shoes. And you can rest assured that their roll tops run no risk of slipping or rolling down into your shoes. These roll-top pure cotton ankle socks are so soft and comfortable, you may choose to just wear them around the house.

Our socks are made of natural fibres, which means they are delicate. To clean them, a machine cycle at 40 degrees will suffice. Wash your socks inside out to prevent damaging them and attach them with a sock clip to make it easier to match them up after washing. Lastly, the dryer should be avoided because it produces hot air over an extended period, which causes the stitches in your socks to shrink.


très douces et chaudes

Très agréables à porter , elles ne glissent pas dans la chaussure

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