Mercerised cotton invisible socks

Mercerised cotton invisible socks

Composition : 29% Polyamide, 4% Lycra, 67% Cotton







Mercerised cotton invisible socks designed specifically to fit discreetly into your ballet flats for maximum comfort.


Bleuforêt socks work hard for fashion by following trends in ready-to-wear and by adapting to the shapes and limitations of your shoes.

That is certainly the case with these invisible socks, which were developed to hide inside ballet flat shoes so that you can avoid discomforts such as rubbing against your bare skin and unpleasant odours. These invisible socks made with mercerised cotton are like extensions of your feet, plus they are sturdy and discreet. They are available in two colours: black and nude. If you are always perched in high heels and still think that you have to suffer to look great, it is high time you discover our socks for high heels.

If you are the queen of ballet flats and own them in an array of colours, these invisible socks are a must-have for your sock wardrobe. They are concealed perfectly inside ballet flats, but you can also wear these mercerised cotton invisible socks with espadrilles. If your feet are particularly sensitive, you can also wear them under another pair of socks.

Our socks are made of natural fibres, which means they are delicate. To clean them, a machine cycle at 40 degrees will suffice. Wash your socks inside out to prevent damaging them and attach them with a sock clip to make it easier to match them up after washing. Lastly, the dryer should be avoided because it produces hot air over an extended period, which causes the stitches in your socks to shrink.