100% Silk ankle socks

Composition : 100% Silk







These 100% silk ankle socks will give you all the fineness and temperature regulation of silk.


If you have been trying to resolve the eternal conflict between comfort and elegance, Bleuforêt offers its solution: these high-quality 100% silk ankle socks.

Extremely fine, slightly transparent and designed with invisible toe seams especially by Bleuforêt, these 100% silk ankle socks will pair winningly with your pumps and other fine shoes. Their fineness does not compromise your comfort: because it excels at temperature regulation, silk keeps your feet warm when it is cold outside without smothering them when it is warmer. So if you are quite sensitive to the cold, 100% silk ankle socks will be perfect under a second pair of socks. These 100% silk ankle socks are available in four colours: black, navy, light grey and white. They are also available in a sock version.

These 100% silk ankle socks are fine and comfortable with everything it takes to become an elegant fashion accessory and will slide into your pumps and even open-toe shoes thanks to their invisible toe seams. Plus these 100% silk ankle socks might also become your partner in comfort: try wearing them under chunky socks when lounging around the house or when wearing boots.

Our socks are made of natural fibres, which means they are delicate. To wash them, choose a short programme or wool programme in your washing machine with a gentle spin cycle (800 revolutions/minute) at a low temperature (30 degrees maximum). Wash your socks inside out to prevent damaging them and attach them with a sock clip to make it easier to match them up after washing. Lastly, the dryer should be avoided because it produces hot air over an extended period, which causes the stitches in your socks to shrink.